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PRP-Platelet Rich Plasma & PRF

What are PRF and PRP treatments?

A technique using your own blood to increase the production of stem cells. This boost of cells improves the condition and look of your skin.

Using your own blood and stem cells to improve the condition of your skin from the inside out, PRF and PRP is a byproduct of blood exceptionally rich in platelets that stimulates stem cells. These stem cells are a powerhouse and present a variety of treatment options.


By using your own blood, we can: 

  • Accelerate healing 

  • Reduce infection risk 

  • Awake mesenchymal cells (why great in combination with filler) 

  • Restore skin 

  • Assist in autoimmune skin disorders (psoriasis)  

  • Assist in hair restoration 

  • Improve and restore hair loss from androgenic alopecia   Examples: polycystic ovarian syndrome and male pattern baldness 

  • Improve acne scarring (excellent result when used in combination with microneedling) 

  • Improve joint and bone restoration  

  • Improve allergic shiners darkening of eyes 


What are the main differences between PRF and PRP?

PRP and PRF are very similar techniques, in which both are rotated in our autologous stem cell membership, but have differences which include the following:

  • PRP does not have as many white blood cells or a fibrin sheath.

  • When we spin PRF, we do not use an anti-coagulant. 

  • PRP is used for the Vampire Facial and the Vampire Facelift.  

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